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Fonte Grande

Natural Mineral Water

Natural Minera Water Fonte Grande


The Water of the Fonte Grande aquifer is an ideal complement to regulate and to facilitate the digestion, especially the products of the milky family.

His usage is indicated and it is especially beneficial and advised for Diets that need to be poor in Sodium, beneficial for people who suffer essential hipertension.

The Natural mineral water Fonte Grande is a water of very week  mineralization Giving this property and characteristics, great delicacy qualities, that they are very noticeable and considerable in the palate by their flavor and their delicacy, giving this quality the consideration of a very fine natural mineral water and brandish.

The absorption of the natural mineral water "Fonte Grande" by the intestine is very rapid and complete, provoking an abundant and fast diuresis.

For his small quantities of Sodium contained in his formula the boby does not retain its contents, therefore is not produced any increase in body weight.

The PH results of the mineral water Fonte Grande alcalinize the urine and avoids the forming of acids.

Possessing a very weak mineralization and a very small quantity of dry residue 34 mg/l:: Facilitates and helps the kidney to delete with extreme easyness the waste substances.

Due to the low calcium content in the Chemical formula of the aquifer Fonte Grande, the usage and drinking of this natural mineral water can be taken by all the people all over the world, but by their value and contents of 0,9 mg/l, this water acquires special importance for those persons that need a reduction process because of the calcic litiasis. As a result this natural mineral water can be used by all those persons that require a restrictive diet of this mineral.

The existing magnesium concentration in the water Fonte Grande helps to provide a quantity of sufficient magnesium to maintain a complement of a diet balanced to maintain a sound body.

It is of poor contains in silicium therefore it is indicated in the rare cases of silicium litiasis.

For their void contents in sulfates, there will not be produced no loss hídryc and of important bicarbonates that may have harmful effects on given litiasis.

It is especially indicated as an important dietetic adyacent and helper to the patients suffering hipertensions and heartaches.

Also, it can be used in all the thin dietetic plans.

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