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Press Release

We have unique and exclusive opportunities for investors. Nosotros tenemos oportunidades exclusivas y únicas para inversores. Nos temos excelentes oportunidades para que vosted poda facer investimentos

Fonte Grande

Natural Mineral Water



An Aquifer-Spring of Natural Mineral Water

Is offered in La Coruña, Galicia, SPAIN, to Companies or Entities that in period of Expansion or Ampliation,  want to begin, to enlarge, and/or to improve their Business environment, to invest, and  be settled in Galicia, the possibility to acquire for Surrender, for Leasing, or for Concession, the Mining Rights of Exploitation and Use of The Natural Mineral Waters of the Spring-Aquifer "Fonte Grande", for being bottled as Natural Mineral Water, and that it possesses the following characteristics and denominations:

Very weak Mineralización,

Dilutes very fine (Soft),

Suitable for poor diets in Sodium,

To acquire a detailed information on the situation, of the "Fonte Grande" spring aquifer, and to know the characteristics and properties of the natural mineral waters, that has flowing from one of the points of free blooming, more than 10.000 lt/h, mail your inquires and the presentation of your proposals, to any of the following addresses:

Vales Villlamarín 6-2º La Coruña - Coruña 15006 SPAIN

La Iglesia, 3 Berreo-Trazo La Coruña, 15687 SPAIN

Tel.-   34  981 29 43 35

          34  981 69 15 59

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